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We believe our technology is a profound scientific breakthrough that could lead to a new paradigm for the identification, characterization and treatment of the multifactorial upstream etiology of CVD and other vascular pathophysiologies leading to predictive, curative and ultimately preventive outcomes. 

Introducing Arterez

Introducing Arterez

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Technology Brief

  • Dr. Tunac developed and synthesized 9 active compounds leading to Arterez’ first abbreviated factorial 3-drug combo Embotricin™ as well as a 4-panel companion diagnostic tool to monitor endothelial glycocalyx health, GlycoCardia™, and finally the Glycocalyx Detritus Fingerprint™, a 7-panel universal diagnostic tool for chronic disease. These are Arterez’ first drug and diagnostics platform technologies in our development pipeline.

  • Embotricin™ proved to prevent plaque formation and /or restored the integrity of the endothelial glycocalyx as evidenced by the reduction in glycocalyx detritus shed in the bloodstream measured by individual biomarkers that make up the diagnostic panel, GlycoCardia™.

  • The effective dose in mice is 3mg/kg with no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL) up to 1,000 mg/kg in mice and 800mg/kg in rats confirmed by histopathology indicating Embotricin™ is non-toxic.

  • GlycoCardia™ utilizes 4 detritus biomarkers including heparan sulfate (HS), Hyaluronan synthase-1 (HAS-), syndecan-1 (SDC-1), and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1). It is being developed as a companion diagnostic for plaque formation/regression to monitor Embotricin™ efficacy and will be presented as a surrogate end-point to the FDA.

  • The Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprint™ (GDF) consists of the 4 GlycoCardia™ components plus 3 additional biomarkers, including Gamma (γ′) fibrinogen (FGG), Growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF-15) and Pregnancy associated plasma protein (PAPP-A). The GDF 7-marker panel is being developed as a universal diagnostic tool for chronic diseases, equivalent to the DNA Fingerprint in forensics.

  • Licensing and/or co-development opportunities will be pursued for the diagnostic platform in 2022.

  • First in-human ‘proof of principle’ POC studies against hypertension, heart failure and coronary artery disease are expected to begin 2023 and will run concurrently.

  • Independent net present day intellectual property valuations include $105mm for our therapy vs 3 targeted indications and $471mm for our IP portfolio over-all.


Dr. Tunac and the Arterez’ team are honored to accept the invitation to present our technology innovations at the 2022 World Heart Conference in Singapore

Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

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