Arterez is developing a platform of novel companion and predictive diagnostics, (GlocoCardia™, Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprint™) as well as multi-compound therapies, beginning with Embotricin™, a first of kind anti-embolic™ drug targeting the multi-factorial root causes of CVD, including the repair and maintenance of the endothelial glycocalyx, reducing inflammation and minimizing the damaging effects of oxidation.  


Our platform may be a profound scientific breakthrough potentially revolutionizing the current standard/s of care for CVD and related vascular pathophysiologies.

Executive Summary

Arterez Inc. wholly owns GlycoTrx, LLC (diagnostic panels) and ComboRx, LLC (anti-embolic™ oral therapies)


Clinical target: In-human, proof of concept (PoC) studies for Embotricin™ and GlycoCardia™ against coronary heart disease, heart failure and hypertension (Timeline - Q2, 2023).


Arterez is also developing the Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprint technology, a novel diagnostic platform of therapeutic aides and diagnostic panels for vascular disease.


Embotricin is proven to prevent and reverse arterial plaques in pre-clinical animal studies with no toxicity up to 15x the effective dose in observational animal studies. 


Patent portfolio includes;

Methods and compositions for reversing disruption of the glycocalyx, inflammation and oxidative damage 

Biomarkers of vascular disease


Drug treatment and biomarker panel targeted to diseases due to multi-factorial ontology of glycocalyx disruption

Animal model for CVD and inflammation. (Link available after filing)




International PCT:

Submissions to begin in Q3, 2020


Arterez, GlycoCardia, Embotricin

Trademarks in Application:

'Tunac Arterial Plaque' (TAP) animal model, 'Anti-Embolics', 'Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprint' (GDF), 'Zeno-Pathology'

Grant Applications:

SBIR and Omnibus grant applications in process. Actively seeking university & business collaborations

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search:

Findings available June, 2020

Business plan:

Next update available June, 2020


Series A:

Available Q3, 2020.



Dr. Josephino Tunac launched

Farmaceutix, LLC (FTX)

R&D for anti-embolic bio-

markers and compounds*

Rationally synthesized 9

synthetic compounds 

3x combo proved to prevent 

& reverse arterial plaques

New studies launched with

natural mouse, biomarkers


biomarker patents filed

Surrogate markers identified for 

development/testing of compounds

Developed natural arterial 

plaque mouse model

Combo drug proved non-toxic

up to 20x the effective dose

Engaged firm to assist with platform

development and funding 

FTX continues testing & development 

of additional intellectual properties

Patent filings amended, audit completed, development pathway established 

Arterez launched, FTX IP

assigned, team developed

Website built, new IP filed &

issued, providers engaged

IRB studies, compounds to GLP, SBIR/Omnimus grants


ELISA & animal studies, GAP

analysis, plan updated, series A 

Phase I healthy, limited 1B

studies vs CHD, HF & HTN

IP valuation, engage licensing 

partner/s and/or suitors

Seed raise, biomarkers added, 

ELISA & HFHS** studies engaged

Website built, new IP filed &

issued, providers engaged

Formulation, optimization, stability,

chronic toxicology, pre-IND

Series B, patient recruitment, 

Australia submissions, IND/IRB filings

Complete co-dev, licensing or other

for diagnostic and therapy

Consider IPO to continue 

platform development

Development Timeline

Scientific Breakthrough

Historical development of antibiotic targeting microorganisms leading to cure of infectious disease. An equivalent approach is to target endothelial glycocalyx to cure CVD by an antiembolic™ mechanism.

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