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Disturbance of the endothelial glycocalyx marks early stages of various clinical pathophysiologies and monitoring glycocalyx disruption promises to be an important diagnostic biomarker and therapeutic target in clinical settings (2019. Chinese Med J.132:963–975). 

In 2012, Dr. J.B. Tunac began development of a new approach to chronic disease, a novel and innovative science of anti-embolic therapies and diagnostics forcused on the root causes of vascular disease including the repair and maintenance of the endothelial glycocalyx.   His discovery has now evolved into an exciting new platform of patented synthetic compounds and suite of diagnostic biomarkers with broad application.  Our clinical focus is the family of CVD diseases while next  developments will include diabetes type II, arthritis and anti-viral applications.  


In recent years the glycocalyx layer has been widely recognized as a compelling therapeutic target.  The following clinical studies corroborate Arterez' approach and inspire us toward clinical proof of principle of what we anticipate can become a profound 'impact' innovation leading to a cure for CVD and related vascular diseases.

Clinical Focus
Related Indications
Next Phase Developments
Other Considerations

"I regard Dr. Tunac's technology to be revolutionary and look forward to future product developments including a possible new therapy for Arthritis." 

Dr. Paul Wooley; Immunologist, co-founder Embryl 

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