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Novel therapeutics and diagnostics targeting the multi-factorial root causes of CVD


Tune into Arterez with Dr. Tunac featured on the Close Up Radio show:

Can we cure and

even prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD)?

Arterez. Inc. is a Michigan biosciences group focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics and diagnostics against chronic vascular diseases, beginning with CVD, by targeting upstream disease etiology we also refer to as multifactorial 'root' causes.


Our novel platform involves proprietary combo therapies and multi-marker diagnostics to address the multifactorial nature of chronic disease that begins with disruption of the cell’s protective shield, the endothelial glycocalyx, triggered by environmental and extraneous factors leading to oxidative damage and inflammatory response we’ve identified as the primary upstream causes.  Treating symptoms of disease downstream is precisely why symptom-targeted drugs cannot cure or prevent disease and are at best palliative.

Embotricin™, our lead therapeutic, is a 3x combo oral drug that proved curative and preventive of arterial plaque in preclinical studies confirmed by MRI, histopathology and 4 biomarkers identified from shed glycocalyx detritus clinically correlated to arterial plaques which we have since combined and patented as a surrogate marker panel to monitor treatment effect, GlycoCardia™.  The effective dose in mice is 3mg/kg with no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL) even at 1,000 mg/kg further confirmed by rat in vivo and histopathology indicating Embotricin™ is non-toxic with a wide therapeutic window.

Glycocalyx disruption generates debris (detritus), which is quantitated by antibody levels; the levels of debris shed to the blood stream is unique to every disease, which is the foundation of GlycoCardia™ and Arterez’ Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprint™ (GDF) technology, another proprietary core technology involving 7 antibody-analyte complex.  Current diagnostics involve one biomarker per disease, which is neither dependable nor accurate. The multi-component GDF offers pattern recognition to provide an accurate fingerprinting system for disease. 

"Historical development of antibiotics targeting microorganisms led to a cure of infectious disease. An equivalent approach is to target the endothelial glycocalyx to cure CVD by an anti-embolic™ mechanism."

Dr. Joe Tunac

Offerings and IP Summary

Primary Offerings

IP Matter Description



A rationally synthesized,  triple compound,  oral therapy with unique mechanisms of action targeting the root causes of CVD proven to prevent and reverse arterial plaques, the hallmark of CVD.



A therapeutic aide and series of diagnostic panels  that provide specific information on the associated pathology and risk factors of  CVD diseases and stages based on our Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprinttechnology.

Issued 2019

Methods and Compositions for ReversingDisruption of the Glycocalyx, Inflammation andOxidative Damage.

Issued 2021

Issued Patent 2021
Biomarkers of Vascular Disease.

Pending 2019

Drug Treatment and Biomarker Panel Targeted
to Diseases Due to Multifactorial Ontology of
Glycocalyx Disruption.

PCT and other pending IP in process


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