Targeting the Multi-Factorial Root Causes of CVD

Arterez is a Michigan bio-sciences group that believes (a) CVD and other vascular
pathophysiologies share common, multi-factorial ‘root’ causes, (b) there is no such
thing as “bad” cholesterol, (c) damage to the endothelial glycocalyx, inflammation
and oxidation are primary root causes and therefore, (d) demand a complex,
targeted solution to enable predictive, preventive and curative outcomes.

We're proud to introduce first-in-class diagnostic panels (GlycoCardia) and triple compound oral therapy (Embotricin) innovations that may prove to be a profound breakthrough in the pursuit to predict, prevent and cure Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). 

36 Month Target

In-human, proof of principle against hypertension, heart failure and coronary heart disease.

Emmy award winning television and film personality Kim Adams interviews Mike Brennan, Arterez CEO,  at NRM Streamcast™ in Detroit.

Offerings and IP Summary

"Historical development of antibiotics targeting microorganisms led to a cure of infectious disease. An equivalent approach is to target the endothelial glycocalyx to cure CVD by an anti-embolic™ mechanism."

Dr. Joe Tunac

Primary Offerings

IP Matter Description



A rationally synthesized,  triple compound,  oral therapy with unique mechanisms of action targeting the root causes of CVD proven to prevent and reverse arterial plaques, the hallmark of CVD.



Diagnostic panels that provide specific information on the associated pathology and risk factors of multiple CVD diseases and stages of same based on our  Glycalyx Detritus Fingerprinttechnology.

Drug Treatment and Biomarker Panel Targeted
to Diseases Due to Multifactorial Ontology of
Glycocalyx Disruption.

Biomarkers of Vascular Disease.

Methods and Compositions for Reversing
Disruption of the Glycocalyx, Inflammation and
Oxidative Damage.

(Draft) Animal Model for CVD and Inflammation.

Recent News

Recent News

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Dr. Joe Tunac
Chief Medical Officer
& Chairman
Michael Brennan
Chief Executive Officer
Brett Homovec
Chief Financial Officer
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Dr. Joe Tunac

Chief Medical Officer & Chairman